Thursday, May 2, 2013

PVBLIC Featured in Interactive Webzine 'SHK'.

We are so proud to be featured in SHK (Seen / Heard / Known) Magazine. If you have not yet seen this digital mag, prepare for your mind to be abuzz! You can see the whole issue online, but it's the iPad experience that really stuns. It's like a traditional magazine but super-interactive with beautiful, artsy, transparent layers, clickable music clips from upcoming artists and travel tidbits all shown in this exciting two-way transfer of information. Really incredible and we're so happy to have a few of our men's pieces from various collections in there! See below for the screenshots.

From the mag's site:
SHK is a digital magazine based off the blog, which is a contemporary fashion, music and lifestyle website created in New York City. The mag is a quarterly publication inspired by the celebration of today’s ability to merge traditional editorial aesthetics with the quickness of new media.

If you're not already on it, run to your iPad or iPhone and download the app now at this link: