Sunday, September 7, 2014

Summer's Not Over Yet! PVBLIC Sale!

Yes, Fall is just around the corner but we had another 90 degree day here yesterday in NYC so the fun is not quite over yet. In light of this, we've added some new summer styles from Madagascar Edition in our shoppe and placed all older PVBLIC styles on sale!

Even better, we're offering and ADDITIONAL 25% off our ENTIRE STOCK! Click here for the code. There's never been a better time to get your favorite PVBLIC clothing.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

'Vikings' Season 2 Episode 1 - Fashion Recap! (Spoilers)

PVBLIC's whole brand credo is that we choose a different region for inspiration each season and research it's culture. Well on top of the normal mood boards and fabrics flying around...part of our research when designing Fall/Winter 2014 was to watch the first season of the History Channel show Vikings and boy did the whole PVBLIC team get sucked in to that drama! If you're not watching, download last season asap. Lucky for us (and perfect timing) season 2 premiered this week. It started off with a battle cry, a whole ton of family discord and of course a good ole' fashioned love triangle, for good measure! 

So instead of the normal episode recap, we've decided to pair each characters storyline with what they would wear from our new F/W '14 collection (and others) in the modern world. Read ahead for our Fashion Recap of Episode one: "Brother's War." Spoiler alert!

Season 2 begins with an extremely gory battle between Ragnar and his traitorous brother Rollo that leaves Ragnar victorious, but sadly results in quite a few deaths/injuries of our faves (Floki! One Eye!). Once back home, Ragnar has to face even more drama and pain, this time between his girl Lagertha and his soon-to-be baby momma, Princess Aslaug…not to mention mourn the death of his daughter. By the end of the ep I was just as teary-eyed as Ragnar was as he realizes he's lost his wife, son, daughter and his brother.

Because of all of this emo, we feel modern-day Ragnar would have to bury his head, cuddle with some baby goats, and listen to some tunes alone in angst. We've given him Frends brand headphones, because they're badass, and a selection of manly gear - including his namesake sweatshirt from PVBLIC. See below for the details. 
1. PVBLIC's "Iron Arrows" Woven Jogger 2. PVBLIC's "Ragnar" embellished sweatshirt 3 Burberry Prorsum Military Wide Boots (Can be found at . 4. Frends Headphones $199 (can be found at Nordstrom).
Poor Lagertha, she lost her daughter to plague, her unborn baby to a miscarriage and now this hoochie comes in and messes with her house. We saw Ragnar get freaky with Princess Aslaug last season but who knew the story would fast forward so quickly? When Aslaug shows up 10 months pregnant (and with Ragnar suggesting a sister-wife type situation to boot!), Lagertha decides to pack her things up and hightail it the hell out of the village. Lagertha is tough though...I really thought she was going to cut a bitch before she left.

Because of this, our dear Lagertha would need some rugged-yet-fashional boots to walk the rough Scandinavian terrain…and she seems like an Ann Demeulemeester type, doesn't she? Give her a 5-fingered ring and a gold coin bracelet (so Bjorn can be reminded of his father) and we're good to go. 
1. PVBLIC's "Tovgh Crowd" Split Back top and "Freyja" Gold Leather Skirt 2. Ann Demeulemeester Thigh High Boots $1700 (can be found at 3. Eddie Borgo 5-finger ring $300 (can be found at 4. Alonna Joelle Coin Bracelet (can be found at  5. Anna Khouri Ear Cuff $1075 (can be found at Barney's) 6. Alexander Wang Lia Small Crossbody Bag (can be found at Neiman Marcus).
Fans were in an uproar all summer long when the History Channel premiered a S.2 teaser showing our beloved Floki pretty much bite the dust. Oh but it all was a red-herring and he actually just gets the shit beat out of him in the beginning battle scene by Rollo, that traitor. He's on the mend by episodes-end and with Helga's help, he looks like he's going to make it.

Next time Floki decides to fight he should have Odin the Raven God protecting him by sitting on his shoulders, hence the PVBLIC tshirt below. And since he is now going to need some physical therapy, we've decided to give him some cool sneakers and a smart watch to count his calories, etc. Finally, wouldn't the craftsman/shipbuilder appreciate this custom built wood bike by Grainworks? We think so.
1. PVBLIC's "Raven God" Crew Neck Tshirt 2. Samsung's GEAR 2 Smart Watch (details at HighSnobiety.com3. Balenciaga Creased Leather Sneakers $575 (can be found at 4. Grainworks AnalogOne.One Wooden Bicycle $6000 (can be found at Grainworks
Princess Aslaug:
How long before we start calling her Princess ASSlaug? Between showing up with her entourage, all trying to talk Lagertha into having a permanent a threesome, to her obvious lies about her parents being big-shot Norse heroes...I think Siggy is going put a little something in her grog one day. But you can't deny it, the bitch does have style.

She's likely a Lanvin girl so we've given her some high-end flats. Can't have her in heels in her last trimester now can we? Speaking of her pregnancy, our "Goddess" drape top and classic PVBLIC leggings are very forgiving, comfy and chic. Also, since Ragnar is an Earl now, he probably can afford to put a ring on it. So we've chosen a gigantic, killer grey diamond by Cathy Waterman. Sigh.
1. PVBLIC's "Goddess" Long Drape top and "Odin" printed leggings 2. Cathy Waterman Rustic 4.3 ct Diamond Shield Necklace $8850 (can be found at 3. Cathy Waterman Rustic 3.55 ct Diamond Garland Ring $15,620 (also found at Ylang23.com4. Kelly Wearstler Xan Cuff Bracelet $300 (can be found at  5. Lanvin Leather Ballet Flats $495 (can be found at
Oh Rollo, what will we do with you? In a desperate attempt for attention by betraying and attempting to murder his brother, he's now shunned and shamed. Good thing he has Siggy. Nice touch that Ragnar actually paid the lawmaker off to spare him too. I swear, these two are the Winchesters of the History channel.

We've decided that Rollo doesn't need any clothes or accessories. He was shirtless much of this episode and we're fine with that!

Enjoy season 2 of Vikings!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Blog Post #100 - PVBLIC Showing in NYC this weekend!

For our 100th blog post, we'd like to take this moment to invite everyone to see our Fall/Winter 2014 collection "The Vikings", premiering this weekend at the biggest trade show of them all - ENK Coterie! We'll be in the TMRW section with all of the other badass brands - booth #4441. Javits Center, Sunday - Tuesday.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Behind-the-Scenes of Our Fall '14 "Viking Edition" Photo Shoot

PVBLIC's Fall/Winter 2014 collection is all about The Vikings - those Norse, seafaring warriors (and their Gods!) whose tales brought us us great inspiration.

Our photo shoot for the "Viking Edition" campaign was a few weeks back and were lucky enough to have a fantastic team: Photographer Meg Urbani was back with us once again. Models Nathalie Martinez from Major and America's Next Top Model alum Phil Sullivan (from AIM) provided their beautiful/bearded faces...turning them into modern vikings was so much fun. Roger Joseph did an amazing job on the hair. And thanks to Michael, Bronwen Calderon for makeup and to Christopher Campbell who did a wonderful job with the styling. All of your help is invaluable! Thank you!

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot below. We'll post the final lookbook in a few days:
Some inspiration mages from our mood board.

Model Phil Sullivan and his famous beard!

RJ working on Nathalie's gorgeous locks.

Chris Campbell stylin'

Role reversal! Tara turns the camera on Photog Meg Urbani while she rocks the Viking Helmet.

Monday, February 17, 2014

New Men's Products in Our Store!

We've just added some fantastic new Men's pieces in our e-shop from FW 13/14 "Mongolia Edition". Also, get 15% off our entire stock now using the code WINTER15. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

PVBLIC Around the Web...

PVBLIC sightings all around the web this week!

As winter winds down, Complex Magazine has us on their list of "Best Winter Jackets On Sale Right Now." Thanks Complex!

Rope boutique has donated a pair of PVBLIC 'Ukraine Edition' Earmuffs for silent auction for our W Design's 'Beams of Hope' Project. Amazing!

We were featured as a favorite in IMF Mag's "Sweatpant Report"

Oh and our Gilt Japan Women's sale is now over, but it was fabulous!
Good stuff, internetz!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mickey Sery Suggests PVBLIC for Superbowl Sunday on!

Are you ready for some football? If so, you're going to need the outfit to match! We're very honored to be the top of the class of Mickey Sery's Superbowl wardrobe picks on His stylish perspective is you'll need the perfect fashionable-yet-comfy pants with a waistband to stretch throughout the day - so you can eat all the nachos, wings and sandwiches you'd like. Thanks Mickey!

Check out Racked's Fashion "Sweatpants for the Super Bowl, Stylish Couch Potatoes".

Monday, January 27, 2014

PVBLIC's Viking Leader is ANTM's Phil Sullivan!

PVBLIC is on the verge of launching it's Fall/Winter 2014 Collection and it must be our lucky number 7th because we landed America's Next Top Model hottie Phil Sullivan for our Lookbook and campaign! We predict big things for Phil...many people believe he should've won Cycle 20 of ANTM and after working with this 6'3" stunner we couldn't agree more. But he's better off with us because come on, he's basically a real life Viking. Check out a few sneak-preview shots below and stay tuned for a full recap/behind the scenes of our FW14 shoot later this week!

If you missed cycle 20, check out Phil Sullivan's ANTM intro vid below and dare try and tell us he's not adorable. Make sure to follow him on instagram too, where fans literally create cappuccino art resembling his bearded face!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

PVBLIC in 'Creem' Magazine

Check out PVBLIC's "Mongolia Edition" jacket featured in the "Boys Club" editorial on model Ivory Rose in this month's Creem Magazine.

(And yes, it's related to THAT very same legendary Creem Magazine!)