UKRAINE EDITION - Fall/Winter 2012

For Fall/Winter 2012, PVBLIC has chosen the country of Ukraine and it’s rich history as it’s focus. Heavily inspired by the craftwork of the region, each area of Ukraine has a different take on embroidery, traditional clothing and art. From the Hutsul people that hail from the Carpathian Mountains to the capital city of Kiev and even the Cossacks of days past, the exploration of this vastly interesting country helped create the brand’s most developed collection yet.  For “Ukraine Edition”, PVBLIC has expanded it’s innovative knits line into a capsule Cut & Sew collection - complete with woven silk/cotton blend pieces, outerwear and accessories.

MESOAMERICA EDITION - Spring/Summer 2012

For Spring/Summer 2012, PVBLIC chose the region and people of early Mesoamerica - studying the ancient Mayans, Inca, Aztec and Olmecs.  Silhouettes touch upon traditional Huipil tops and Breechcloths.  Prints are heavily inspired by the Gods and Glyphs found in the 4 codices - the only books left undestroyed when the Spaniards conquered the region.  Other details include gold glass beads and Leather “weapon pouches” that contain tumbled Obsidian, a naturally formed volcanic rock that the Mayans used to make swords.

ALASKA EDITION - Fall/Winter 2011

From the Siberian Coastal Inuit to the Central Alaskan Yup'ik, the indigenous people of Alaska and their craft provided limitless inspiration for Pvblic's Fall/Winter 2011 collection. Prints borrow shapes from sculpture, mask and totem pole art, traditional embroidery patterns, and anorak dress of Eskimo of all regions. Leather and suede medicine pouches, glass beads and fur trim add to the luxurious details Pvblic is quickly becoming known for.